This robot trades in the world's largest and most reliable exchange, Binance, as well as Kucoin and Coinex.

The robot connects to your exchange account using api key and secret key and makes a transaction for you. When you create the api key and secret key, it is enough to give trade access to the api and the robot will not have access to withdraw from your account. In fact, you define this access for the robot yourself. In addition, no withdrawal code is defined in the robot.

For capitals under 1000 dollars, the monthly subscription of the robot is 10 dollars, and for investments above 1000 dollars, the monthly subscription of the robot is one percent of the capital.

Due to the fact that futures have a very high risk, this robot only works in the spot environment. In addition, the fluctuations of the cryptocurrencies that the robot trades are so great that we can get very good profits with this process.

It is very easy and convenient to work with the cryptobot bot. In fact, we have put all the settings centrally in the best possible state, and you only need to enter your Api Key and Sevret Key so that the robot can connect to your exchange account and trade for you.

Because now the robot makes purchases step by step, for the better performance of the robot, the minimum capital that we suggest is 500 dollars and above.

The cryptobotic robot is composite and has the ability to trade all currencies, but we have adjusted the robot to the top three currencies in the world, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB). Because these three currencies are more stable than other currencies and have a high market cap and are more reliable and have a good future and have shown good fluctuations. Also, the volume of demand for these three currencies is very high and they meet the limits well.

Cryptobotic robot will trade for you based on the USDT currency pair. And to use the robot, you must have USDT currency in your account.

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